Roulette Computer

Roulette Computer Hybrid 1.2

This is the most accurate Roulette Computer available on the market. 

The program is installed onto a small ipaq PDA and comes with all single player accessories, including the micro earpiece.

The C++ program (Not Java) is embedded to a small pocket computer and provides the player with very accurate timing in milliseconds.

Prediction accuracy
Easy to use
Satisfied players
Guaranteed results

Secondly,  we have developed a moveable prediction window, which for the first time enables the player to adjust and follow the conditions without continuously taking a new ball sample/profile. Another advantage is that with so many ways to adjust this prediction window we can be sure to maximize the number of predictions and reduce the number of no bets on good spins. Naturally we continue to get the no bets on the bad spins.

The prediction window was developed directly from my visual system where the visual judgement on the ball was noticeably changing and where sometimes I had to pick an earlier bet that involved a faster ball that still travelled the same distance as a slower ball had earlier.

I had to adjust my eye, but you would only need to adjust your window. You also get a signal at the end of the spin to advise you on which way to adjust this roulette ball timing prediction window.

The next difference is without doubt the most significant and relates to how we actually go about selecting our predictions.

The Player Pack includes;
1.The latest Pred7-X program Embedded onto a small pocket computer.

2. Spare program and speech files on SD card. This is important as it would always enable you to re-install your program should it ever be lost.

3. Cradle Charger for computer with usb lead.

4. Complete switchset

5. Micro Earpiece with induction loop and batteries.

6. Cd player manual

7. DVD with two hours of roulette spins

8 CD for re-installing

The most accurate Roulette Computer  – Hybrid 1.2


Earpieces, switches, neckloop, DVDś

Price: 1650€ (shipping included)